Zappa & Lottie

This page is dedicated Zappa and Lottie!

UPDATE: LIZíS CATS ON DIET. Yep dem too fat so they're pon de diet of the Vet. They were very annoying, now they are maybe getting used to it.  Zappa catches lots of mice and brings them back for Liz and Dad to look at, then Lottie usually eats them if she has the chance! They take absolutely no notice of me now as I don't feed 'em.... (and I don't live there - how quickly they forget!)

Lottie (tongue out!)
Just awake...

Latest Pictures!


This is Zappa.  Named after Frank Zappa and just about as wild and crazy! He'll bite you without hesitation.  He's still a lovely cat though (ok liz?) and he's massive too!

And Lottie.  Shes a right little madam, and likes to keep everyone at a distance until she wants food.  That happens to be all the time!

Zappa and Lottie in action!  They must have been young when this was taken, Zappa hardly seems bigger than Lottie.  That didn't last long (Ooops! Sorry Liz!!)

Zappa and the flyswat again.  He sure seemed to like it for some reason.

Lottie enjoying my old bed at my Dad's!  She still frequents the room, but now its Liz's bedroom and she seems to like it even more! (Must be the double bed!!!!)

Here's another picture of Lottie.  She looks very young in this, and the handlebars don't look too comfortable!

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