Attendees at the party

Jo (my girlfriend and excellent secret keeper!)
Liz (my sister and master delayer)
Trace (thanks for the Juicer & Jimpanzee Card!)
Squidgafari (Deejay, thanks also for the juicer, and the Birthday disk!)
Neil (Blokey - Thanks for Champagne!)
Pippa (Thanks for Champagne)
Elly (Sorry you had to run to the party!)
Freddy (Man get Mash-Up!)
Butty (Thanks for Bob Marley Single)
Cara (Thanks for Bob Marley Single)
Darren (Funny on Helium)
& Me! (unsuspecting Birthday bwoy!!)

Blokey Neil came, and here he is sat on my sofa with me.  It was damn good to see him, and very nice of him to come especially as he was exceptionally tired having very little sleep due to night-shifts.  Good onya Blokey for coming!

This is Mr. Mashed - Mr Fredy!

Chloe & Ewan!

And Darren!

Butty & Cara!

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