Jo - Coffee maker; Red roses; Balloons; Party; Plate (Picture below, signed by my friends!); Champagne
Mum - Electric Razor
Dad & Ingrid - Car parts (chrome shiny bits!); Shirt; Champagne; Flowers; Chocolates
Kathy & Dave - Marley T-shirt
Liz - Books (2 x); Fancy Cinema Ticket
Jack (My Nephew) - Scotty Lighter (Though he doesn't condone the habit apparantly)
Grandma & Grandpa - HMV Vouchers
Jo's Mum, Andrew and Amy - Camera Bag (Much needed)
Trace, Squidge & Al - Juicer
Neil & Pip - Champagne
Butty & Cara - Bob Marley Single

Jo also got me thirty red roses delivered to work! Must have cost her a fortune.

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