Ed's Murder Mystery Party

Ed's Murder Mystery party happened on 27/09/03!  It was a 'king good bash with the good Mr Ed as 'Bertie Rooster', his girlfriend, Jules, as 'Paddy O'Lay'. I was Anthony 'Fiddler' Farquhar and Jo was Penelope Pitt-Pony. Chloe played Sister Wendy Miller, Jess was Dame Agatha Eiderdown, and Elly as May Vest.

Oh yeah and "Sir" Wes as Mustapha M'stach!

On left to right: Bertie, Penelope, Sister Wendy, & Mustapha (cognac!!)!

T'was a superb night, the food was excellent, the company superb, and the game fantastic! I was supposed to be from Scotland, but was unable to manage an acceptable accent. Unlike Jules who was amazingly convincing as an Irishman! Cool, cool times!! Well, Mr Ed does it again - a birthday that lasts for days (4 at least - you lucky bugger!). Happy Birthday for Tuesday (30.09.03) Mr Ed! Thanks for the evening go to Jules the Irishman, Elly the yankee murderer, and Jo (for providing the game) the 1920s hussy!

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