Neil & Clare

Neil & Clare get married!  My old friends from my college days finally tied the knot a couple of years ago.

Nice dreamy shots of the countryside up near Harrogate. Oh yeah and Liz, Neil & Clare are in the picture! Should be on an album cover or suffink!

After the heady-highs of ‘Sand City’ in Norfolk in 2004 (see pic on left), Neil & Clare quit their jobs and emigrated to France in December 2004.  All the best of luck and hope to visit them soon at ‘Chez Cole’ in 2005!

Neil’s Mum Mary’s house in France

Chez Cole!

Neil and Clare now live in France near St. Plaisir. It is a fantastic place, and they have a smashin’ couple of cats in Beadie and Zebedee (as pictured below). They also have three chickens now! Take it easy inna France!!

Beadie Zebedee Z & B playing
Balcony on back!
Zebedee again!

Scrap that - Neil, Clare and Amelie have moved to Holland!

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