France 2005

For our summer holiday in August 2005, we decided to go to France again! It was a trip to visit my old friends Neil & Clare, and also to stay in a villa for a few days with my Dad and Ingrid in Grasse. It was a good trip, we covered some 2500 miles in the car, and tried to relax away from work!

St. Cezaire

The pool 2!


Chez Cole!
The Villa The pool!

Dad rented a villa for the whole of August, near St. Cezaire sur-Saigne. It’s in the south of France, near Grasse and Cannes. It was a lovely place with a great swimming pool, and a cool mountain location.

Holiday en France, 2005

At the beginning and end of the trip we stayed with Neil and Clare in their new house in Gennetines, near St. Plaisir. It is a fantastic place, and they have a smashin’ couple of cats in Beadie and Zebedee (as pictured below). Thanks for the hospitality and take it easy inna France!!

Z & B playing
Our bedroom...
The bumpy entrance!
Balcony on back!
Zebedee again!
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