Center-Parcs Longleat, November 2006
Longleat Safari Park
The lion... The house ... what a place!
The monkeys were there
and on the car in a second!

We visited Longleat Safari Park which was really good fun. The drive through was an experience not to be forgotten! Jos car survived the monkeys and we had a great day at the park. 

The house was very impressive too!

the Rhinoceros blocked the
road ...until the tractor came!
Center-Parcs at Longleat
Our executive villa (!)

At Center-Parcs we had a great time too!  We stayed in a great villa, see above, and we cycled everywhere on hired bikes. Saw badgers and squirrels too...they liked the nuts (that lived there!).

Cool place!

Jo reading and relaxing! Living accomdation
Badgers visited... ...and again!
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