France & Belgium - August 2006

For our summer holiday in August 2006, we decided to go to France again! It was a trip to visit my old friends Neil & Clare, and also to stay in Brussels, Belgium for a few days.  It was a good trip, we covered some 2000 miles in the car, and tried to relax away from work!

Gennetines, France

(in her cool
Amelie Huge moth! Huge moth again!

We stayed with Neil, Clare, and their young daughter Amelie. It was a very relaxing time, we did very little except eat, drink and sleep - it was lovely and exactly what was needed from my point of view! Amelie was a little sweetie and was very well behaved!

Brussels, Belgium

Rude Statue Grand Place too
Grand Place at the cartoon museum
Captain Larke!

After the time at Chez Cole we stayed in Brussels.  It was a nice city, and we had some fun getting lost and looking for a chocolate shop!  We did manage to go to a museum and most places except the “Silver Balls”, and stayed in a good hotel aswell. It was a fantastic few days!

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